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How to Choose the Right Size LED Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom?

by Russ Reyderman 14 May 2023 0 Comments
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How to Choose the Right Size LED Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom?

Traditionally medicine cabinets have been used for a very specific purpose, to store medicine and other first-aid items. While this still holds true, fast forward to today and modern medicine cabinets are now a tad more functional, multi-purpose, and stylish. They’re still a staple in most bathrooms across the globe and don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. There are many different styles, and designs of medicine cabinets, constructed from a variety of materials. LED medicine cabinets in particular are becoming a go-to style for their sleek look and multi-purpose functions. Here are some quick guidelines to help you choose the right size LED medicine cabinet for your bathroom!



Measure your space

The first step in choosing a LED medicine cabinet is to determine your wall space measurements where the cabinet will be installed. LED cabinets come in a variety of standard sizes, these range from 24”, 30”, 36”, to 48”. Luckily, you can customize your sizing when you choose DECADOM LED medicine cabinets! Due to the innovative design, you can expand the cabinet size up to 72” or 96” if needed. After you’ve measured your wall space, you can then decide on which cabinet size will be most suitable and fit in the designated area without any issues. This takes a lot of the guesswork out when looking at display models of LED cabinets or searching online. Armed with specific measurements, you can make a more informed, accurate choice and narrow your search to find the correct size.

There are two types of cabinet installations available:


  • Recessed medicine cabinet: This requires additional measurements as it entails creating a “hollow” in your existing wall. This is done to mount the cabinet inside the wall as a more streamlined and space-saving option. Going with a recessed mount also depends on how your wall is built, if it’s shallow or deep and how much space can be gained from recessing the wall.

  • Surface mount medicine cabinet: A less invasive option is the surface level mount which means the medicine cabinet is simply mounted on the wall’s surface and properly installed in place. Adhesives, nuts, bolts, or heavy-duty screws are used to hold it in place. It will however “jut out” from against the wall. This type of mount can give you ample storage compared to the recessed mount.


Some other measurement factors that you should consider are:

  • The overall size of your bathroom – These two options are both suitable for medium to large bathrooms, but smaller bathrooms may benefit more from a recessed installation because it will save more space in the long run. If your wall cannot support a recessed mount, you will need to measure the depth of the cabinet to ensure it gives enough clearance when opened or while bending over your sink for example.

  • Room aesthetics - If your bathroom is generally small then you don’t want to choose a cabinet that is going to make the room look tight and cluttered, even if the wall space is sufficient. An LED medicine cabinet with mirrors, even in the smallest size can open up the room and give the illusion of more space.

  • Room lighting – If your bathroom lighting isn’t that great, you may want to give it a boost with LED framed mirrors on your medicine cabinet. How much extra light you can get can be determined by the design of the mirror, how wide the lighting strips are, and of course the wattage or power output of the LED light system.

  • How many people use the bathroom – If several people use the bathroom, you want to ensure that the storage capacity is enough to cater to everyone’s storage needs. Consider the number of shelves, the space between shelves(height), and how space can be distributed for multiple users. This will be vital in choosing the right size from a functional capacity.

  • Wall Mount Position – Most people install medicine cabinets above the sink. You may want to measure how much space above the sink will be the ideal height for installation. This takes into account the heights of the people in your household and ease of access.


Determine the Weight Capacity of your LED medicine cabinet

After you’ve measured your space, what’s next? The weight capacity. Medicine cabinets are commonly used for storing light items such as pill bottles, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and a few other essential toiletries, razors, and even contact lenses and solutions. While these don’t sound like they weigh a lot, if you have several glasses bottles, or cosmetics in heavy packaging in your cabinet, they all add up in weight. With this in mind, you should then consider a LED medicine cabinet that is built from sturdy, durable materials that can hold your cabinet contents with ease.

Some features to look for in determining the weight capacity of a medicine cabinet are:


Tempered glass shelving: Tempered glass is a special, fortified glass that is designed to be shatterproof and stronger than regular glass. This means that the material can support more weight than plain glass which may crack or break.

Frame Material: Medicine cabinets are made from many different materials. Plastic cabinets, though lightweight, aren’t as durable over a long period of time. They also have a limited weight capacity. Wooden or vintage medicine cabinets are heavy and can accommodate a decent amount of weight in storage. However, if the construction material of your wall cannot support a heavy wooden cabinet, it may cause damage or injury if it suddenly breaks off the wall under pressure. Industrial-grade aluminum is a fast-growing choice because it is both lightweight and durable. LED medicine cabinets made from anodized aluminum like these are perfect for safety and durability.

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LED bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors are a chic, sleek, modern option for your home décor. DECADOM offers exactly this with the AURA and RUBINI lines. They are top rated lighted medicine cabinets with their proven durability, adjustable sizing to suit your preference, and aesthetically pleasing designs to spruce up any space, no matter how small or large!

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