About Us

DECADOM is all about introducing new products that are driven by innovative technologies. Our true and unique ability is recognizing the significant achievements of the past and that is the essence of which we are today.

We are all about building products that shape your future. Since the bath has increasingly become the measure of luxury in a home, we strived to create LED mirror products that shines with unique and creative qualities far ahead of others. Feeling of luxury that eliminates from a beautiful bathroom can radiate well beyond the walls of the bath and throughout your home.

Bathroom is a place where one can escape and enjoy complete relaxation, and we will aim to satisfy this goal. We are a company that continues to flourish and come up with new beautiful bathroom product designs for our customers. That’s why DECADOM manufactures only the finest high-end products, to bring you perfection in all our led mirror cabinets as well as other products.

Our warehouse is based out of NYC and ready to ship anywhere to the continental UNITED STATES & CANADA Customer service is our top priority and is virtually unmatched in the industry. We are dedicated in providing our customers with long-term value in every product they purchase.

In search of excellence, DECADOM will always be interested in two things: the quality of each product and the service provided to each customer.

DECADOM is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and style and will continue to work in order to keep that status. Rest assured that when you purchase DECADOM product, you are the proud owner of a world class LED mirror cabinet from a company that stands behind its product.